14th August Pakistan Independence Day

By the Grace of Allah Almighty !

Introduction about Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistan Independence Day celebration will be held on August 14. As a result of the independence of Pakistan and India from the United Kingdom, on August 14, 1947,

Pakistan gained its independence from the United Kingdom. Pakistan celebrated Independence Day on August 14 as a national holiday. [2]

The oldest formal ceremony of Pakistan’s independence is the “National Day of Pakistan”, which is celebrated in Pakistan on August 14 every year, commemorating the adoption of the 1940 Pakistan Resolution.

Pakistan formally gained independence at midnight on August 14, 1947 by the grace of Allah.

Officially Announced

The state of Pakistan was officially formed after the partition of India and Pakistan after the end of World War II, both of which gained independence from Britain in 1947. Separation of Pakistan from British rule.

It became an independent state after gaining independence from Britain, as a result of which Pakistan is in many ways a symbol of the evils of the Middle East. This is not due to its sectarian strife or Islamism, which as an ideology and practice, of course.

Will keep the independence of Pakistan alive Rather, Pakistan is an Arab, Islamic power with grand ambitions that is synonymous with the Saudis and their rivals in the Gulf. (Pakistan Independence Day)

September 23, 1947 was not an ordinary day in the history of Pakistan. Pakistan, nuclear, emerged from a massacre. During the “Arab-Islamic Awakening” in Egypt, Syria and Iraq, Pakistan sided with India.

Along with Pakistan, Egypt, along with its secular government, joined the Arab liberation movement and tried to persuade Pakistan to stand aside. Like Israel, Pakistan, along with Pakistan’s powerful army, refused the Arabs’ appeal. Pakistan stands with determination, is fighting in Afghanistan and is doing so with dignity. (Pakistan Independence Day)

It was a victory, along with the recent route to India, which laid the foundation for Pakistan’s independence. It was with this victory that Independence Day celebrations were organised in Pakistan.

Yet, after independence, the establishment of Pakistan, led by radical Islamists, and a newly independent Afghanistan, began its ideological war for the establishment of an Islamic state.

After crushing the secular government in Kabul, Pakistan supported Islamist forces in Afghanistan, known as the Taliban, and in what is known as the “Afghan War on Terror.” Despite his public declaration of annihilation of Israel, Pakistan supported Hamas, calling it a Muslim neighbour.

Soon, in the 1990s, Pakistan was showing that its war on terror could be extended to India. In October 1996, Pakistan launched several cross-border attacks against India. In the early 2000s, (Pakistan Independence Day)

Pakistan planned the deadly terrorist attacks in Mumbai and the recent attacks in New Delhi, the national capital of India.

This is not to say that Pakistan has not faced much Repression In the 1980s, Pakistan launched Operation Gibraltar. The war on terror is aimed at eradicating India, a goal that has silenced Pakistan’s independent voices and undermined democratic freedoms. (Pakistan Independence Day)

As Pakistan approaches its goal of a full-scale war with India, Independence Day celebrations are approaching. But, Pakistan’s war on terror means the loss of many lives.

A senior Pakistani military officer, Lt. Col. Mahmood Hussain, was recently killed in Pakistan’s western province of Balochistan.

Pakistan’s Independence Day is celebrated on Independence Day, which was not accompanied by Independence Day celebrations. Independence Day is not a national holiday for Pakistan.

The official website does not provide any information on Independence Day celebrations.

Instead, the government of Pakistan and its supporters are celebrating “Pakistan’s Independence Day.”

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