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mera pakistan mera ghar

What is Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar Housing Scheme ?

State Bank of Pakistan announced a low-cost housing financing plan on October 11, 2020 on its official website by issuing official letter number IH and Circular SMEFD No. 11 of 2020 to provide an opportunity to Middle and lower class families can get their own house in one easy monthly payment by getting a loan from designated bank in Pakistan.

Classification of Financing

House or Apartment Acquiring Characteristics

If you want to buy an apartment, it must be newly built or at least one year from today’s date on which you are apply for a loan in the bank and it must be the first time bought.

Erection of House or Apartment

This type of financing is extended to debtors who intend to build a home on the plot they already own. In addition, financing can be both for the purchase of land and for construction, although it should not exceed the prescribed limit.

Purchase of land and Build or Construction of written houses

This type of finance is extended to obligors who need financing for  the buying of land and construction of a house on this land. The maximum price of the housing unit and maximum amount of financing are not breached.

Proportions of Land

State Bank of Pakistan separate Size of Housing unit into 3 types called Tier.

  1. Tier 1 or T1 – Apartments must be 125 Sqy or equivalence to 5 Marla  with surrounding up to 850 Sq-ft.
  2. Tier 2 or T2 – Size of Apartment and Housing unit up to 125 Sq ft. with surrounding up to 850 Sq. Ft.
  3. Tier 3 or T3 – House unit from 125 Sq Ft. to 250Sqft or equal to 10 Marla.

Loan Size

mera pakistan mera ghar

Maximum Value of a single housing unit at the time of financing approval, as indicated in.

Tiers DetailProperty ValueLoan Approve
T-1               3,500,000            2,700,000
T-2               3,500,000            3,000,000
T- 3               6,000,000            5,000,000
Tier’s Detail

Type of Loan

Type of Loan

Long Term Loan Financing loan (LTF) and applied through Nominated Banks by Statement Bank of Pakistan.

Pricing for Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar

mera pakistan mera ghar
Kibor + Bank Spread

Customer – Markup Rate for House Financing

Tier’sTenor upto 5 YearNext 5 Year
Tier 15%7%
Tier 25%7%
Tier 37%9%
Markup Rate’s

After 10 Year Tenure current market rate will be applied and no penalty and restriction on early settlement.

Banks – Markup Rate for House Financing

Tier’sBank Rate
Tier 1Kibor + 2.50%
Tier 2 & Tier 3Kibor + 4.00%
Markup Rate’s

What is Kibor Rate and How to Calculate ?

Kibor stands for Karachi Inter bank Offered Rate. Which is change on daily basis at day end. Further, your have to check from State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) website by Click Here

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria of Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar Bank Loan

  • Male and Female both apply.
  • Candidate Must be Pakistan Citizen holding Nadra CNIC.
  • Those who are buying home for the first time.
  • Only one Person from Entire family.
  • Minimum age 25 Year and Maximum up to 60 Years.
  • Minimum  monthly Salary or income Rs. 25,000/- and Maximum up to Rs.100,000/-
  • Minimum 05 Year of business or employment.


mera pakistan mera ghar
mera pakistan mera ghar

Insurance Required for Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar ?

Yes ! Property Insurance mandatory for this loan.

Processing Fee

Processing Fee Detail

Charges may very on bank to bank cases. Tentative pricing are given below for reference.

Charges DetailSalary PersonBusiness Owner’s
Intinal Charges                2,000                         2,000
FED on above                    320                             320
Report Charges Actual  Actual 
Valuation Charges Actual  Actual 
Income Checking N/a  Actual 
Source of Data against Processing Fee Qoute from “Meezan Bank Limited”

Nominated Banks and Useful Links

Nominated Banks


  • Bank detail link for required documents : Click Here
  • Download Bank Al Habib Requirement detail Click Here







  • Want to Apply through Allied Bank limited : Click Here



  • Apply through National bank of Pakistan : Click Here



Repayment Calculator

mera pakistan mera ghar

Monthly Repayment Calculator Download

Download Now

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Does Any one can apply in this Scheme?

  • Yes, Except bank employees they aren’t eligible for this scheme.

Does installment plan shall be based on Equal or unequal monthly installment?

  • Plan Shall be based upon equal monthly installment plan

Does Early buyout price is applicable for early Payoff?

  • No early buyout price is applicable for early payoff Unlike al bait home finance.

During this Finance Facility can Customer sell/Rent this property?

  • From the date of finance facility customer shall not be allowed to sell / Rent this House / Unit before 5 years.

What does New House Mean?

House / Unit not more than One Year Old from the date of the Application as per Completion Certificate.

is the Financing for Renovation is Allowed?

  • Renovation is not Allowed.

How can First Time ownership be established?

  • Customer Shall sign Undertaking for the same if it’s found that customer owned a house or property at the time of application then existing facility shall be withdraw and will be transferred to next Customer / Application.


 Pakistan Housing Development Authority has launched Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar scheme and this year is for the whole of Pakistan.

 All Pakistanis can participate in the bean or not. All you have to do is go to the bank of your choice and get information about my home in Pakistan.

I have already said that you only add years to your income based on your loneliness,

 how many years you want to listen to the phone for ten years, you are at least 15 years old, you are at most 20 years old.

You can hear that you can have a loan up to a maximum of Rs. 50 lakhs. The minimum right is not stated. The minimum amount you can get is Rs. 4 lakhs.

 What can you do? It has been said for more than seven years that this pension cannot be made up to his bed and even under the age of twenty-five he cannot take it or he will tell you the name of the practical.

You can kill between ten and twenty. If you are 34 years old, it means you have become a part of Sindh at the time of retirement. You cannot be a part of it because the notice of firing from the bank is one year. Fifteen years and twenty years have been set.

According to this, it has been issued. It cannot be more than 43 thousand. If you have done politics on one thousand rupees, then federal excise duty has also been fixed on it. In addition to the water that is made from

Now the question is whether it is possible to buy a plot for Rs 5 million and build a house. If this is not possible, more than one people can apply together. If you have to pay all the money or at any time, you can pay the bank and send it to the bank staff at that price.

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