How to Check Zong Balance in 2021 ? Hurry Up Guys

How to Check Zong Balance
How to Check Zong Balance

How to Check Zong Balance ?

  • Step 1 : Open  your Dial Pad into your Smart Phone or Normal Phone.
  • Step 2 : Dial *222 #
  • Step 3: Press  Okay , Accept or Call  button.

how to check zong number
How to Check Zong Balance

How To Check Zong Number ?

For Checking Zong Mobile Number , Detail is as under.

  • Step 1:  Dial *100*1#  or *8# from your mobile phone and you will get your number.
  • Step 2:  Call Zong 4G Help line Number 310 and directly ask your number .
  •  Step 3: Type MNP through your mobile messenger and send it to 667

How to Check Zong MBS
How to Check Zong MBS

How To Check Zong MBS ?

  • Step : press 102 * 4 # and dial accept or call button and you will get your answer. its simple and easy ways to Check Zong MBS.

How to Share Zong Balance
How to Share Zong Balance

How to Share Zong Balance ?

  • Step  1: Dial *828# from Your Zong Mobile Number.
  • Step  2: Enter mobile number where you want to transfer balance.
  • Step 3: Enter your desire amount.
  • Step 4:  and Just reply with 1. and your balance will transfer shortly.

how to load zong card
how to load zong card

How To Load Zong Card ?

  • Step 1: Dial 101 from your mobile phone and operator will ask your 14 digit code number, enter your code and wait for few second.
  • Step 2: Dial *101* Your 14 Digit Card Number # and press send button.

How to take Zong Loan ?

  • Step : Dial *911#  (and you will get Rs. 20/- instant credit)

Note:  Zong advance will provide only Rs. 20/- Loan if your balance going to finished.

How to Check Zong Balance
How to Check Zong Balance

ZONG 4G work under CMPAK Limited, which is Pakistani Based  formerly PAKTEL .

Established on 2008 though its headquarter at Islamabad Pakistan under supervision of its CEO Mr. Wang Hua.

It fastest growing company in Pakistan, connect Millions of People under one umbrella.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence.

Mr. Wang Hua, Chairman & CEO

Aslam Aleikum it’s a proud moment for all of us as we celebrate 10 years of excellence for zone 4G.

Over the period of 10 years our co-workers customer priority and equality principle has enabled us to become leading mobile communication network in Pakistan the first company to launch 4G the first company to reach more than 10,000 of 40 Cities.

The first to reach more than 10 million for the customers and the number one ranking for complaint reducer by PTA  and all of this has contributed to zoom 4G being Pakistan’s number one data network.

We surely have come a long way in the last 10 years the world has continually changed and the utilization has become a vital driver for economic growth and prosperity the digital revolution in Pakistan has also begun.

And is developing people adopting to mobile connectivity and their lifestyle are changing and we can proudly say that we zoom 4G in neighboring this digital revolution in Pakistan with the support from our parent company China Mobile.

The waters the largest telecommunication company we have maintained our digital innovation and the world class services across Pakistan.

We are investing to increase the advancement of our network and infrastructure to ensure and match the connectivity for our customers in a time.

We are innovating to offer most advanced solutions to digitalize the Pakistan and accrete more value for customers stepping into the future our bigger connectivity struggle will lay the solid foundation for building a leader in digital innovation

And I find is the company to provide the most advanced services for Digital Pakistan we will continue to provide new and better services to our customers in mobile household cooperate and value-added sectors.

We are ready to pursue excellence and the leader future in Pakistan thank you for having chosen us Shah career.

Mr. Li Wenyu, Chief Financial Officer on Celebration of 10 Years of Excellence.

Asalamu Aleykum reflecting on the last ten years of excellence for two Fuji

It was a long journey for us this over robust investments we have laid the foundation of developing Fuji ecosystem in Pakistan for our customers.

And the defender new benchmarks in the industry we made significant developments in becoming the digital and a communication partner of millions of Pakistanis our digital infrastructure not only forests our customers with best-in-class services.

And the solutions but has also contributed for economical development in Pakistan missile will continue the investments and the strategic of run/walk.

We remained committed in our pursuit of measured and the sustainable growth for you thank you for being overvalue with the customers.

Ms. Wang Haibo, Chief Human Resource Officer

Today is an opportunity to celebrate our 10 years of excellence for zone over the years we have been developing and enhancing our culture

All koala is responsibility makes the perfection it means as a branch or channel valve the lattice the mobile operator in the world we focus on be responsible for our customers our employees our partners and society

Our region is leader digital innovation it is our strategy which means we’re trying to create and lead the best communication ecosystem for Pakistanis to connect the anytime.

And where we are implementing the digital talent development project to cultivate talented resources for the development of new business such as IOT yes ice big data and smart applications Thailand is all call competitiveness. Thanks

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